Tiger Woods Looks Totally Ripped In New Instagram Photo, And Damn

I think most fans would agree that the last few years have not been kind to Tiger Woods, and recently it seems like his public image has gone a bit downhill. There was a time when the pro golfer was considered more-or-less untouchable, when he could do no wrong, and when the open was pretty much his playground. His drives were spectacular, his putting deft, and his play highly technical, and for his avid fans his dedication and commitment to the sport was something to behold.

Yet history teaches us that no-one is invincible forever, and just when it seemed like the upward trajectory of Woods’ career would be continuous, things began to take a distinct turn for the worst.

The Greek tragedy began back in 2009, when numerous reports of his marital infidelity leaked to the press, and later, after the National Inquirer published a story claiming that Woods was an adulterer, the golf superstar crashed his Cadillac into a tree while intoxicated at approximately 2.30am. Woods later admitted that he had in fact cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren, and despite attempts at reconciliation, the couple separated in 2010.

Then, in 2017, Tiger Woods was arrested again and charged with driving while intoxicated, and not long after thePalm Beach County Sheriff’s Office apprehended him, an image of Woods’ mugshot also leaked to the press. We all cringed at the sight of the picture,a and although it emerged that Woods had been intoxicated as a result of prescription medication for a sport injury, and not alcohol abuse as it was initially thought, it still seemed as though Woods was in dire need of an image makeover. Just as well then that a recent Instagram snap has managed to remind us all of how cool he can still be.

A far cry from his DUI mugshot, on Friday afternoon Woods posted the above image to his offical Instagram account, which shows him hanging out with his kids in style. The picture shows Woods shirtless (and pretty ripped as well I might add) holding an absolutely humungous Lobster on a yacht while out at see. Woods captioned the picture “Nothing like free diving with the kids for lobster at Albany.” The picture in question quickly managed to accrue over 23,000 likes on Instagram, and has been shared widely on social media. That is one hell of a crustacean he’s holding; but I think most of us were more focused on his physique. Not bad for a 41-year-old! It isn’t the first shirtless selfie he’s posted either. Check out this Christmas wonder he posted way back in December.

Woods will not be in Charlotte next week attending the PGA Championship. The last round of competitive golf he played was two days before the SuperBowl, and Woods hasn’t competed in a major since the PGA in 2015. Still, we could well be seeing him tee off again at the Old Course in St Andrews, or elsewhere. For now it seems like he’s resting up and enjoying a bit of sunshine. Personally, I don’t blame him.

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