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Hello Friends! In this video I share with you my “The Almost Perfect Recipe”. It can be called so because:

– It can be served to all. I mean be it a Non vegetarian, Eggetarian, Vegetarian or a Vegan. All four versions can be made.

– To prepare it, you need no fancy equipment. Just a simple cooker will do.

– This dish is balanced with all the major macronutrients namely proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber.

– It hardly utilizes your time.

– It is very easy to make. Yes, someone with no cooking experience can also make it.

– Absolutely no oil is required to cook it.

– This dish can be easily customized for fat loss or muscle gain. I have explicitly shown in the video, how.

– Of course, with the blend of spices and toppings, it is a delight for the taste buds.

– One of the best features is that it can be packed in an air tight container and carried along.

– It forms a great lunch and dinner option.

– Importantly, no ingredient added in it gets overcooked. Hence, no loss of nutrients.

All the ingredients added in it are easily available in the market.
So, isn’t this recipe “The Almost Perfect recipe”?

Try it. Relish it.

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    1. +jayesh hari Thanks brother. You can checkout my sweet potato chaat recipe. It’s great for snacking.

  1. I didn’t know cooking two weeks ago. And now I’m cooking my own food ( 4-6 meals per day) all because of your recipes… :-)

  2. for fat loss can the 30gm scoop of whey protein be used to measure 1/2 cup of brown rice ?

    1. priyabrata rath heLP me to plan a diet i just have a belly fat no else fat just in belly

  3. dude i cooked brown rice for the very first time. it tasted a little more chewy than white rice. i want to confirm if i had to cook more or it tastes like this only.

  4. I am struggling to lose weight from last 3 years but today I have decided to try some new diet so I spend whole day watching your videos. I tried your mung daal dosa and brown rice. I liked it so much But can I use quinoa instead of brown rice?
    Your recipes are awesome and delicious.
    I am following your channel. Do post more videos. Thanks for helping people like me.

  5. Thank you for the recipes! I have been trying to use these for the last few days. But my macro calculations somehow don’t match the ones in the end of this video.

    Black Beans(0.5 cup) – 114kcal, 1gm fat, 21gm carb, 8gm protein
    Brown Rice(0.5 cup) – 163kcal, 1gm fat, 34gm carb, 4gm protein
    Paneer(100gm) – 289kcal, 25gm fat, 2gm carb, 14gm protein [This is not low-fat home-made as you suggested – it’s Malai Paneer, just trying to match the protein here]
    Approx. Total – 566kcal, 27gm fat, 57gm carb, 26gm protein

    Comparing just the protein amount, can you help me find what am I measuring different? Just trying to understand the macros calculation here.

  6. is it okay to have brown rice daily as I have read it somewhere that it is not advisable to consume brown rice on daily basis..

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