Snails too ‘sluggish’ to race due to cold

Image caption The event at the pub, which would have raised funds for the air ambulance, has been postponed

A snail racing competition has been postponed because the snails are too slow and sleepy.

The Dartmoor Union pub in Holbeton was due to hold the charity event on Saturday.

However, when manager Donna Aziz called the Plymouth pet shop for the snails she was told the cold snap had made them too “sluggish” to go racing .

“We’ve promised everyone that we’ll hold the event when they wake up,” said Ms Aziz.

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Image caption The pub has promised to hold the event when the snails wake up

The event had been planned for several months at the pub, with money going towards Devon Air Ambulance.

Posters advertising it have since been removed.

“Perhaps we should have known because you don’t see a lot of snails around,” said Ms Aziz.

“I’m a little bit disappointed but there’s not a lot we can do.”

Mike Trembath of the Ark Pet Shop said: “They’ve got a bit sluggish in the cold weather.

“It happens with pretty much cold-blooded creatures but they will wake up when it gets warmer.”

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Cold-blooded snails get “sluggish” in cold weather, said a pet expert

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