Learn how to Manage ALL Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard using WP Suite

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Learn how to Manage ALL Your WordPress Sites From One Dashboard using WP Suite

My friend Ankur released a brand Web App that Lets you manage UNLIMITED WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

Watch How Simple this makes your life

Update all Your Sites in 1 Click
Update all your plugins across all your sites, 1 Click.
Install plugins , themes across multiple sites, just 2 clicks.
Post Content , Manage Comments, Images, Videos Across Your Sites
Never have to login in over and over again.

Do you see how much time you will save?
Push one button, update all your sites, keep them safe and secure With all the latest updates from WordPress.

Here’s All the amazing things you can do with this Software from just ONE DASHBOARD…

Dashboard to Show Summary of your WP Sites
Add and Manage Unlimited WordPress Sites
Install Plugins to Any Site
Install Themes to Any Site
Install Multiple Plugins at once
Assign tags/groups to sites. Each site can contains multiple tags.
Change WordPress settings of all your sites
1 Click Update wordpress plugins.
1 Click Update wordpress themes.
Update WordPress Software
Create and Manage wordpress posts
Create and Manage wordpress pages
Create and Manage wordpress categories
Create and Manage wordpress tags
Create and Manage wordpress comments
Create and Manage wordpress users.
Create and Manage wordpress media image, uploader and image editor.

Go HERE for more info

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