How to Leverage Authority Sites to increase leads sales and conversions

How to Leverage Authority Sites to increase leads sales and conversions

Imagine being able to leverage a brand and trusted source like CNN or BBC and having YOUR “call to action” right there.
That'll be really amazing..
But first let me ask you, are you facing problem writing high quality (viral) content that gets shares?
Or driving traffic to your content….or convert that content into exploding your list and sales?

Authority Overlay is a unique technology that allows anyone ( not just website owners – WordPress or not) to leverage the power of authority sites by embedding lightbox adds on top of sites like CNN, BBC and others.
This enables you to promote your products and services with the perceived authority of those major sites, increasing conversions and engagements dramatically. These lightboxes are totally flexible and can be simple banner ads, product ads, or even lead capture forms.

What else Authority Overlay does for you?
It gives you the power to:
1. Put your ad/article/lightbox/product on practically every authority site
2. Borrow the authority from these top sites for your content
3. Increase your conversions and clicks from the borrowed “authority”
4. Gives you detailed stats about your campaigns
5. Built-in URL shortener

How can you take advantage of Authority Overlay?
By adding your content on top of authority sites, you’re more likely to get increased engagement simply by their reputation rubbing off on you.
Now links that you share get a boost, you see more clicks, and your articles are more likely to get shared.
But not just that.
You can use AO as link cloaker for your affiliate links , share those on social media and increase your sales.

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