Healthy Breakfast Menu 3 – Diabetic Breakfast Menu – Weight Loss Recipe – Ragi Paratha Recipe




This video takes you through the process of preparing Ragi Paratha Recipe / Finger Millet Paratha Recipe in Tamil. A tasty and healthy breakfast recipe for kids and all kinds of people.

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  1. Even we made Ragi Roti. But never knew it could be made in such an interesting and tasty way. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe :)

  2. Very nice. After seeing your videos I have included lots of new items in my regular menu and best part is my family enjoy the taste n variety. I am getting lot of appreciation from my guests too. Can’t thank you enough for that. Please do more videos

  3. very nice thanks for sharing this video it’s very useful. can u tell me what paper u put down. Is it aluminium foil

  4. Today I made this recipe. It came out very well. Thanks for such a delicious and healthy recipe.:)

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