Guy Brilliantly Schools Twitter ‘Bro’ Who Didn’t Think Women’s Clothing Is Sexist

Nothing gets Twitter going like a good old “-ism” debate. This time, a user who tweets using the handle @imryanphllpsbro found himself on the receiving end of an epic tirade when he sarcastically challenged someone else for calling out sexism within women’s fashion. In a tweet that has since been deleted, another user called Bree Mae discussed how uncomfortable women’s clothing can be, stating that she regularly preferred men’s clothing as female fashion is skewed towards fulfilling certain aesthetic standards instead of being comfortable for the wearer. Ryan didn’t buy it.

Judging by his previous tweets, the above might not have been too surprising given that Ryan appeared to be sceptical when it comes to identity politics and similar issues. He retweeted another sarcastic quip in response to a story about a trans man having a baby, and also added his own comments afterwards. Both these tweets indicated that he did not exactly take these issues seriously. However, Twitter didn’t take Ryan’s dismissive tweets lightly when it came to his response to Bree’s comments. One user in particular, an artist called Jared Pechacek who tweets using the handle @vandroidhelsing broke down the reasons why Ryan’s flippant attitude was problematic in a detailed Twitter thread calling out the double standards in fashion. Not only did Jared explain the pressures many women face to dress a certain way in order to be considered attractive, he also highlighted the fact that many items of clothing targeted at women prioritise appearance over comfort. Jared explained that even seemingly trivial issues like clothing are important, because failure to engage on such simple matters does not bode well for bigger issues. In addition to making a great case calling out gender inequality in fashion, his thread was littered with hilarious quips at Ryan aimed at highlighting the latter’s “bro” status. From “Dudenheim Museum” to “Leslie Brope” and my personal favourite “Brolosus of Rhodes”, the comedy gold just kept on coming. See Jared’s tweets below. Jared’s comments were a hit with many Twitter users who were won over by his clarity and wit. You have to admit that “Bro Bronas” and “Broceratops” are pretty hilarious titles. However, Ryan didn’t seem convinced by any of these comments and he seemed dismissive of the opinions offered to clarify Bree’s perspective. As the saying goes, you can take a horse to the river, but you can’t force it to drink. It’s a good thing that for every Ryan out there, there’s a Jared willing to consider alternative perspectives and try to explain them calmly to others. People don’t always see eye to eye but the willingness to engage, even when we disagree, is always a great way to start any conversation.

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