Denny’s new menu mascot looks like poop and people are losing it

You're about to see your local Denny's in a whole new way.
Image: JOEL PAGE/Press Herald via Getty Images 

Denny’s is best known for their signature Grand Slam breakfasts, but that may have just changed…

All eyes are on their fairly new, not so appetizing mascot-type thing that a lot of people think bears a striking resemblance to feces.

It’s kind of impossible not to see it. 

Denny’s was probably aiming for a friendly sausage as their mascot, but at best we have a face that seems more like it’s welcoming us to the bathroom than a restaurant — and some people are straight up calling it a “turd.”

And what’s with those long arms? And that terrible fashion sense? 

Others can’t help but make crappy bathroom jokes at Denny’s expense.

And some are just plain confused.

Regardless of what he’s actually supposed to be, one thing is for sure: this little guy definitely does not look like something you want to eat.

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