Check out the John Lewis Christmas advert and see what you think

In Britain, the Christmas season doesn’t officially begin with lights, mince pies, or shopping holidays.

For many people the bellwether of the season is the blockbuster Christmas ad from department store John Lewis, which is usually designed to tug at the heartstrings enough for you to open your wallet.

In this year’s ad, a child tries to quiet the monster under his bed, and ends up befriending him instead. He has fun with his monster friend every night, and the ad tracks that friendship (and the boy’s imagination) through to Christmas.

The ad this year is created by Michel Gondry, director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and  you can see that it certainly celebrates the imagination. It reportedly cost £7 million ($9.21 million) to produce, and of course, Moz the Monster is available to purchase.

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