3-Minute Banana Frozen Yogurt/healthy recipes for weight loss


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3-Minute Banana Frozen Yogurt / healthy recipes for weight loss.
This video is all about the easiest ice cream you'll ever make, that also happens to be vegan and super healthy. All you need are bananas!3 Minute Banana Frozen Yogurt – Superfoods for men.
Today Stephen makes a Chocolate Banana Frozen Yogurt. It takes just a few minutes to make and it’s an easy clean up. It is a great afternoon snack and I especially love eating this by the pool on a hot summer day. Try it and let us know what you think in the comment section below.
1 cup plain fat free greek yogurt
1 chopped banana
3 tbsp. cocoa powder
4 tbsp. splenda or stevia
1 cup ice
Ready to treat yourself to a frozen dessert that’s so good for you, it only tastes sinful? Here, Jessica Seinfeld, author of three New York Times bestselling cookbooks and founder of Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization that helps families in need, shows us how to whip up banana peanut butter “v'ice" cream—vegan ice cream—from home.
3-Minute Banana Frozen Yogurt / healthy recipes for weight loss


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3-Minute Banana Frozen Yogurt,
healthy recipes for weight loss,

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