We went through and rated every Trump handshake so far at G20

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The G20 summit is fully underway in Hamburg, and even though our fearless* leader Donald Trump had a lot of trouble finding a hotel room, he showed up. And he shook some hands.

As Mashable’s resident Handshake Expert, I went through all the pictures I could find of Trump shaking hands with another person and carefully studied each one.

Let’s see how he did!

Trump and Merkel I

Image: Getty Images

Hmm. Yikes. Not looking good here. This is a classic 1/10 handshake. He looks like he was distracted by someone whispering his name and Merkel just grabbed his hand. Maybe it was just a bad picture. Let’s see if it improved a few seconds later and oh no…

Trump and Merkel II

Image: Getty Images

Oof. Okay this was just a doomed performance. I give this shake a 1/10. It looks like he just noticed that she grabbed his hand and has that look on his face that the Scooby Doo villains get when they’re about to blame something on “meddling kids.” Amicably shaking hands with Angela Merkel should be an easy task. Show us how it’s done Emmanuel Macron.

Macron and Merkel

Image: Getty Images

See, just like th- okay wow that is too close actually. Let’s scale it way back. Or maybe don’t. Show us what love looks like.

OK Donald, let’s try this once more, shall we?

Trump and Merkel III

Image: Getty Images

Hey not bad! Now that’s what I call a handshake! Although he does look like he’s a property owner having some sort of problem with a tree hanging over his fence. I’m kind of stingy on handshake form so I am afraid I am still going with a on this one 1/10. Sorry, I’m kind of a stickler.

Trump and Putin I

Image: Getty Images

This is the “Handshake Heard ‘Round the World” as it marks the first time these infamous two have publicly met. And yet I rate this handshake a 1/10 for the unfortunate forearm grab that Donald Trump executes here. It’s unreciprocated and comes off as desperate. But he could be simply evaluating the strength of Putin’s forearm, from one man to another.

Trump and Sergei Lavrov

Image: SPUTNIK/REX/Shutterstock

I rate this handshake a 1/10. There is simply no chemistry here and Vladimir Putin is right in the middle of them. Staring Trump down. Looking at him. Making sure he sees everything that happens.

On a side note: wouldn’t it be great if Donald Trump let his long-ass sideburns down one day? Those things are luscious.


Let those suckers hang!

Trump and Jim Yong Kim

Image: KOPATSCH/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

I give this extremely bad shake a 1/10 simply because it is obvious that Donald Trump is confused and Jim Yong Kim looks a little too jubilant in his presence. Trump looks like he just spotted his car, or something to eat, and someone has once again grabbed his hand without permission.

Trump and Putin II

Image: SPUTNIK/REX/Shutterstock

This unorthodox shake reminds me of when my friend asked me to watch his cat while he was out of town for five days. In addition to feeding the cat, he wanted me to give it two treats a day. I only remembered to do it one time. In other words, I gave that cat 1/10. Which is unfortunately what I also have to give this extremely bad handshake.

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