Twitter update shares what advertisers are interested in you

May 19, 2017

Image: bloomberg via getty images Twitter just released an update that lets you know who is selling to you and why and gives you the power to stop it. The update, not unlike Facebook’s own, much-more-detailed audience insights, lists your interests and what advertising partners think your interests are, Twitter wrote in a blog post Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Twitter’s search just got a very important update “Today, were announcing a…


LikeFolio is an app for understanding the stock market via Twitter

May 13, 2017

Image: bloomberg/getty images When Donald Trump tweets, the stock moves. Twitter’s influence on the stock market isn’t breaking news (traders used Twitter data to predict Brexit, the 2016 election and other societal moves), but a new app is trying to put that knowledge into the hands of more people not just bankers and professional stocker traders. SEE ALSO: Tesla is the most valuable U.S. car company? You bet. LikeFolio, released…