Microsoft’s mistakes show why Google needs to settle with the EU

July 1, 2017

Image: REX/Shutterstock The European Union (EU) hit Google this week with a huge fine for violating antitrust law in comparison shopping. Google is also currently under investigation by the EU for illegally tying the Android operating system with Google search, on monopolizing advertising, and a couple of other issuesin total five different antitrust investigations. Additionally, several countries, including India, Korea, Russia, and Brazil, are at various stages of investigations of…


best healthy recipes and Yummy Vegetable Samosa

June 25, 2017

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Nicola Sturgeon to face Scottish farming leaders – BBC News

June 23, 2017

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionRuth Davidson asked Nicola Sturgeon whether the Scottish government will ask for an extension to the farm payments deadline Nicola Sturgeon is to address farming leaders the day after it emerged the Scottish government has again asked for an extension to the deadline for making EU subsidy payments. The European Commission has confirmed the government wants next week’s deadline extended until 15…


Dennis Rodman just gave Kim Jong-un Trump’s key to success, and hoo boy here we go

June 17, 2017

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman presents "Trump: The Art of the Deal" to North Korea's Sports Minister Kim Il Guk.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Tremendous news, everyone! There is a good chance that right at this very moment, Kim Jong-un you know, the leader of North Korea holds in his powerful hands President Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal. Yep. In a series of completely comforting and not at all stressful…


The Solution To America’s Gun Violence Isn’t More Guns

June 16, 2017

WASHINGTON For a few hours after a gunman shot a member of Congress and four other people in the Northern Virginia suburbs on Wednesday, lawmakers were unified against the political vitriol that seemed to drive the attack. But when questions inevitably shifted to how lawmakers would respond to the bloodshed of yet another mass shooting, it became clear that the brief display of agreement was more symbolism than substance. Democrats…


With A Flick Of His Mood, Trump Throws Allies Off Balance

June 7, 2017

President Donald Trump on Tuesday into a complex and escalating dispute between the state of Qatar and several of its Middle Eastern neighbors. Trump tweeted his support for the decision by Saudi Arabia and several other Persian Gulf nations to cut ties with Qatar, accusing the longtime U.S. ally and host to an instrumental U.S. military base of funding extremists. Trumps brazen comments Tuesday were the latest in a series…


A Tiny Island Off Singapore May Hold Keys to Energy’s Future

May 25, 2017

On a small island off the southern coast of Singapore, a French energy company is experimenting with what it hopes will be the future of renewable power storage. Plummeting costs for wind are helping renewable energy steal an ever-greater slice of the power generation pie from fossil fuels such as oil and coal. That makes it more and more vital to figure out how to spread out the brief but…


Trump Threatened To Let Obamacare ‘Implode.’ That’s One Promise He’s Keeping.

May 24, 2017

President has been telling us all along that he believes his best course politically is to do what he can to ensure that Obamacare breaks. What you may not have noticed is that hes actually been executing that plan. The Affordable Care Act has had its share of problems, some them serious like health insurance premiums that middle-class families cant afford, and swaths of the country with among insurers. Since…


Tips for dealing with a toddler and also Donald Trump

May 21, 2017

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock Donald Trump is a man whose behavior follows the whim of his impulses and tantrums, much like a toddler, and the world is scrambling to accommodate it. Officials in the White House and from governments around the globe have tailored aspects of governance to the new president to fit his notoriously short attention span and…