Could Trump’s vague plan to expand rural broadband actually work? It’s hard to tell

June 25, 2017

A sign in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hangs on a farming tractor near a polling station in Cave Creek, Arizona. (Photo by )Image: Ralph Freso/Getty Images If you live in the country, there’s a good chance you don’t have broadband-speed internet. Only one in ten Americans lack access to a connection that meets the government’s new standard for the designation, but more than two thirds of them…


Britains Financial Power Is Already Seeping Away

June 24, 2017

Britain’s financial power began ebbing away just days into the Brexit negotiations as the European Central Bank sought authority over a key market and banks from Morgan Stanley to Nomura Holdings Inc. fleshed out plans to move operations from London to Frankfurt. The shifts underscore the threat posed to the U.K.’s financial industry by the decision to quit the European Union, made in a referendum a year ago. They will intensify pressure on Prime…


Bloomberg Urges Americans To Stop Resisting Trump And Focus On 2020 Instead

June 22, 2017

During an appearance on Wednesdays The View, Bloomberg, who once called Trump a con and dangerous demagogue, urged Americans to get behind Trump and suggested that the presidents opponents should focus less on resistance and more on the next presidential election. Bloomberg also explained that, although he did not vote for Trump, he wanted to avoid repeating themistakethat he says Sen. Mitch McConnell made as minority leader in President Barack…


Clutter wants to store your stuff but help you not forget it exists

June 15, 2017

Image: clutter Clutter is disrupting its own name. SEE ALSO: This startup wants to be the QVC of your smartphone The two-year-old startup takes the stuff you don’t use out of your home and makes sure you don’t just put it in a disorganized storage unit. Clutter, based in Los Angeles, employs movers and software engineers who work together to build a sophisticated system of packing and storing, where each…


Controversial Puerto Rican Nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera Returns To Chicago

May 19, 2017

Murals and sun-bleached images of Lopez Rivera plastered windows along the Paseo Boricua in Chicagos Puerto Rican enclave of Humboldt Park with messages that called for his freedom and hailed him as a hero for his controversial role in fighting for Puerto Rican independence. Lopez Rivera spent part of his boyhood in the neighborhood. Thursdays events included a march down the Paseo Boricua accompanied by Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and…