How Adobe Got Its Customers Hooked on Subscriptions

June 12, 2017

… IDC’s Webster, noting there aren’t a lot of software platforms that allow the different actors in what she calls the “content supply chain” to plan, organize, and manage their work. Adobe is “in a unique position,” she says. When Adobe announced its move to the cloud in 2013, photographer Brad Trent was among those who strongly objected, supporting the petition with an epic blog post arguing that pro-level customers would get no new value from …


Snapchat snaps startup to help it with location tracking

June 6, 2017

… third-party platforms like Facebook and Instagram and websites, so that an advertiser or a publisher can compare the outcome of each of them. Placed measures billions of locations, according to its Crunchbase profile. Over the past 12 months, Placed has measured more than $500 million in media spend to store visits, across thousands of campaigns and hundreds of partners, cementing Placed as the leader in location-based attribution, the company wrote in a blog post. By partnering with Snap, we …


Will Arnett is so overcome with email he’s working with a startup to solve the problem

June 4, 2017

… got involved “organically” when he heard about Timyo’s concept through a friend. He got in touch with the founders and checked out a beta version of what they were building. Once a more finalized version came out, Arnett said he was all in. “I like the idea of getting rid of the frustration of email,” he said. In a blog post from last year, he joked about trying to invest $1 billion into the company, but realized he didn’t have that type of money. The LA-based …


Twitter update shares what advertisers are interested in you

May 19, 2017

Image: bloomberg via getty images Twitter just released an update that lets you know who is selling to you and why and gives you the power to stop it. The update, not unlike Facebook’s own, much-more-detailed audience insights, lists your interests and what advertising partners think your interests are, Twitter wrote in a blog post Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Twitter’s search just got a very important update “Today, were announcing a suite of industry-leading tools to give you …


Monday Could Bring More Disruptions From Global Cyber-Attack

May 16, 2017

… affected computers, making them inaccessible, and demanded ransom — typically $300 in bitcoin.  Russia and Ukraine had a heavy concentration of infections, according to Dutch security company Avast Software BV. Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith, in a blog post Sunday, said the attack is a “wake-up call” for governments in the U.S. and elsewhere to stop stockpiling tools to exploit digital vulnerabilities. “They need to take a different approach and adhere in …