Foursquare’s Swarm updates to be your life-logging app

August 10, 2017

Oh the places you'll go.Image: foursquare screenshot Foursquare was once believed to be the next big social app. On storefronts, business owners featured a Foursquare logo, next to Facebook and Twitter. People flocked to it to learn what their friends were up to. SEE ALSO: Foursquare is now working behind-the-scenes with Asia’s biggest social networks But no longer. That’s not Foursquare’s main game anymore. Facebook, now valued at nearly $500…


Snapchat is staffing up in cybersecurity as it damn well should

July 23, 2017

Image: mashable Snapchat cares about securitywhether it’s keeping CEO Evan Spiegel’s yacht adventures private or its software free from vulnerabilities. They, of course, would also not like to see any of their code ripped off by competitors such as Facebook. Bloomberg connected some dots in a story Friday, highlighting moves that Snap Inc. has made in taking cybersecurity more seriously. SEE ALSO: A flood of (bad) advertising is coming for…


Instagram Stories is hurting Snapchat more than we thought

June 21, 2017

Image: lili sams/mashable Instagram Stories is still eating Snapchat alive, and we have fresh data to prove it. Instagram’s Stories now have 250 million daily active users, up from 200 million in April, according to the company. At the same time, engagement with Snapchat Stories declined 50 percent in June compared with the same time last year, according to new numbers from social analytics company Delmondo. “We saw a decline…


Snap’s stock price is hovering at an all-time low

June 16, 2017

Image: mashable/lili sams Own a piece of Snapchat, they said. You’ll be cool, they said. SEE ALSO: Snapchat is on a crusade to show why it’s better than Facebook (hint: size isn’t everything) If you took that advice, you’re probably not in a good place. Snap’s stock fell to its IPO price of $17 on Thursday, a significant barometer for the company since it went public. It’s been tumbling down…


Snapchat releases new research that says its for close friends

June 13, 2017

Image: snap inc. Snap’s got a message for their haters, naysayers, and short-sellers pointing to their supposedly slowing growth: New users are overrated (especially when our existing users are so engaged). At a time when Snap’s stock is hovering at a disappointingly low $18 while Facebook rolls out copycat product after copycat product, Snap released two new studies on Monday showing who’s using Snapchat, and why that is. SEE ALSO:…


Facebook adds badges so your politicians know who you are

June 8, 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke at Harvard's commencement in May 2017.Image: facebook/mark zuckerberg Facebook is turning into more and more of a Town Hall. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s new Pride Month features celebrate the LGBTQ community with style The social network introduced three features Wednesday that are meant to help elected officials better connect with their constituents and vice-versa. The products provide a way for politicians to identify local constituents and…


Will Arnett is so overcome with email he’s working with a startup to solve the problem

June 4, 2017

Will Arnett is so over email.Image: Getty Images for Sony Pictures Television Actor Will Arnett has his hands (and voice) in a lot of different projects: a fifth season of Arrested Development is coming soon; his Netflix series Flaked is back this week for a second season; the trailer for Nut Job 2 just came out before its August release;and the Lego Batman movie is now available on Blu-ray and…


10 apps Donald Trump needs way more than Twitter

May 26, 2017

Image: vicky leta/mashable Donald Trump’s using his iPhone wrong. The President reportedly (finally!) has an iPhone. And yet, he’s only installed a single, solitary app on it: Twitter. Of course. SEE ALSO: Twitter has all the answers for Trump’s ‘orb of doom’ photo No matter what side of the political aisle you fall on, most of us can probably agree that more access to Twitter isn’t exactly something Trump needs,…


Twitter update shares what advertisers are interested in you

May 19, 2017

Image: bloomberg via getty images Twitter just released an update that lets you know who is selling to you and why and gives you the power to stop it. The update, not unlike Facebook’s own, much-more-detailed audience insights, lists your interests and what advertising partners think your interests are, Twitter wrote in a blog post Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Twitter’s search just got a very important update “Today, were announcing a…


LikeFolio is an app for understanding the stock market via Twitter

May 13, 2017

Image: bloomberg/getty images When Donald Trump tweets, the stock moves. Twitter’s influence on the stock market isn’t breaking news (traders used Twitter data to predict Brexit, the 2016 election and other societal moves), but a new app is trying to put that knowledge into the hands of more people not just bankers and professional stocker traders. SEE ALSO: Tesla is the most valuable U.S. car company? You bet. LikeFolio, released…