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This stuffed bell pepper recipe is a great template to show you guys how many options you have to make different variations of stuffed peppers. This recipe is perfect for keto recipes also if you take out the black beans in the recipe, it is also perfect for meal prep since it will stay good in the fridge for a week. You can make this part of your dinner recipes arsenal for weight loss also.

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    1. The carbs are around 20 grams per pepper. If you take out the Black Beans and tomatoes it would be even less probably like 10. Also taking out the beans and using low sodium cheese instead of parmesan would make the sodium very low. I would say the sodium is around 400mg or less per pepper because of the cheese and the beans being a little high.

  1. damn wtf I click on your video and it shows an add about health cooking, that ain’t cool they trying to steal your suscribers man. your channel is awesome and I have learn some good dishes that I still cook.

    1. Haha they trying to steal our shine those jerks. Thanks for watching and always being here brother.

  2. this is nice and awesome I’m gonna make this for my family easy and fast to make

  3. This is great! I’ve got a stuffed pepper recipe that I’m gonna be making soon too, but mine uses ground turkey! Stuffed peppers are great, most use rice though which kind of negates the keto-friendliness of it, but I always make mine like you did with yours here without the rice!!

  4. awesome! I just subscribed and I hope you will subscribe back to nana’s cluttered kitchen! you can never have too many YouTube friends:)

  5. I love this! I am going to definitely give this a try. I love that appliance.

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