Politicians throw 404 error page shade at UK Prime Minister Theresa May

The Liberal Democrats may only have 9 seats, but they do have a spectacularly sassy 404 error page game.

In the world of politics, there’s no form of trolling higher than that of the 404 error page burn.

The Liberal Democrats have proved this time and time again. Last summer, for instance, they used their 404 page to take aim at both the Conservatives and Labour with some well-timed topical attacks.

Now, following Theresa May’s absence from Wednesday night’s general election debate (you know, the absence that caused the official House of Cards Twitter account to troll her), the Lib Dems have been up to their old tricks.

Here’s their new page, in all its glory:

We checked both Labour and the Conservative’s 404 pages for any traces of humour in response, but they were both sadly lacking.

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